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Newborn & Maternity Sessions

Maternity Sessions

First – congratulations on your pregnancy! How exciting!

When is the best time?

I feel the ideal time for maternity portraits (with or without your partner – your choice) is between 30-36 weeks. If I’m being honest, having been pregnant twice in my lifetime, by 38 weeks I was uncomfortable and the idea of laying down on the ground, sitting, standing, anything of that sort was not something that sounded enjoyable. I want this to be enjoyable, and I want you to feel as beautiful as I’m sure you are.

Indoor maternity (at your home) is always an option if you prefer not to be outdoors. I will need access to plenty of window light, but I’m happy to come to you if that is your preference!


Newborn Sessions

When should we get them?

I typically request that newborn session clients have me do the session within the first 4-12 days of birth. It’s much easier to achieve the type of sleepy, cuddly newborn images I show here on the site when they’re very young and still sleepy.

Where do we do them?

How can you help? First – don’t stress! While I prefer my home for newborns, I can come to you as well. I’m happy to do either scenario. Light is an important factor in getting good images, however, so please keep your window/light and space for set-up situation in mind when deciding where you would like to have your session take place.

Do you offer lifestyle newborn portraits as an option?

Yes! Actually I love doing lifestyle newborn portraits. If you’re looking for less of the posed newborn style, coming to you in your home (light permitting) and capturing your family together in your own home is a very special thing. If you would prefer to skip the posing and would rather have me come to your house and take candid portraits of your new addition I am absolutely for it.

Anything else?

It’s ok if the baby soils my blankets. Or my hand. Or my baskets, or ANYTHING. I completely expect it to happen (and it often does) so don’t worry a bit about it if (when!) it happens in our session.

If I’m coming to you I do ask that you keep the house very warm(80-85 degrees). I typically do all newborn photography with the baby in the nude. Think tropical heat – babies were in mommy for 9 months roasting in the 90s.

These sessions can last anywhere from 2 hours to 3 hours. I prefer to work in a quiet area to keep the baby peaceful, so if there are older siblings I do ask that someone can help keep them entertained until we’re ready to include them in the photos if that’s a preference (it’s typically best to work with baby alone, first). Parents you are more than welcome to watch and relax, take a nap, read, go snack – whatever you want to do! I’m very comfortable with newborns and take very special care when working with them.

You may need to stop to feed the baby more than you normally would during our session, they’re being moved and woken and some quick food can usually help lull them back to a restful state for the session.

Don’t worry about rushing through anything, the timeframe is set specifically to make time for all of this. There’s more time rocking, shushing, feeding and changing between set ups than actual time photographing and that is completely normal! Stay relaxed and baby will, too.