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It occurred to me some time ago that I have difficulty depending on just my memory (just ask my husband) and living in the moment. I’m a very visual person. My love of photography began and runs side by side with the desire to capture the personality of the moment so that I can keep it with me. My children keep growing despite my frequent protests and demands, as do the young and old families all around me.

And so, I’m here to help keepsake memories. I have a pretty big mix between lifestyle portraits and gently posed. I’ve teamed up with trusty sidekick(s) – my Canon 5D Mkiii and handful of L lenses – to assist me in providing my clients with crisp, clear, beautiful images all edited to my impression of the moment. I don’t like over-saturation, I like bright and airy. I prefer natural light and outdoor settings, but will use my flash if the lighting or mood deems it necessary.

I’ve spent nearly 9 years in study, practice, and business to bring you this ever growing portfolio, and to hone in on my own version of art. It means a great deal to me to provide you with whimsy and the right set to print for family at the same time. I’m a bit of a whimsy girl, myself. I keep my sessions light and fun, with minimal posing (though, admittedly, sometimes it’s necessary). My primary goal is to enhance your own memory of this time in your life, where ever you may be, and make it a little fun along the way.

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